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Kyle Carpenter @ AKAR

Find Kyle Carpenter @ AKAR… The platter above is but one of a few of the new pieces they will feature…

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Kyle Carpenter


Contact Kyle @ 828.279.3811

Bio: In 1996, I came to the Asheville area to get an education. I was schooled in Fine Arts at The University of North Carolina at Asheville, with a concentration in ceramics. I graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramic Arts. I have since made my home and studio here and started a family. As a studio potter, I work diligently to make well-crafted wares for everyday people. It’s seemingly less about the “ritual of the table” and more about respecting a long tradition of craftsmen before me and discovering my own voice. As a contemporary potter, I often look to past traditions for inspiration. I’m interested in folk pottery of many origins. My native state of North Carolina, of course, offers a deep well of talented potters, both folk and contemporary, to look towards for inspiration.

Artist Statement: Simplicity in form offers a broad surface for me to embellish with lines, patterns, and drawings. Before I was introduced to the ceramics arts, I did a fair amount of illustration before and during art school. The combination of three-dimensional forms and two-dimensional drawings was a natural fusion of both my love of drawing and pottery, art and craft. It is my intention to bring together clear and abstract markings to engage the viewer to look closely at how design relates to the form of the pot.

Bird Vase © Kyle Carpenter 2009


Red Platter © Kyle Carpenter 2009

Lidded Jar © Kyle Carpenter 2009

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Kyle Carpenter solos @ Crimson Laurel Gallery

“Salt of the Earth” is Kyle Carpenter‘s solo exhibit that runs from November 1st to December 31, 2010 @ the Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC. The Crimson Laurel Gallery is gaining a reputation as one of the top ceramics galleries in the US. Please come meet Kyle @ the Artist Opening & Reception, Saturday, November 6, 2010 starting @ 6pm. Check out the movie on You Tube!

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Carpenter & Satake on display @ The Mint

kc_as_mintmuseumNorth Carolina Pottery: Diversity & Traditions
There’s a nice exhibition at the N.C. Mint Museum of historical and contemporary N.C. Pottery from the the Mint’s permanent collection. Featuring various important ceramic regions of North Carolina, Diversity & Traditions includes ceramics drawn from the Mint’s permanent collection. The exhibition includes pieces from such well estabilshed regions as Seagrove, the Catawba Valley, the Moravian settlement in Forsyth County, the mountains, and Penland.

Included in the exhibition are pieces by Curve Studio artists Kyle Carpenter and Akira Satake. Kyle Carpenter’s “Wren Platter” and Akira Satake’s “Teapot” were donated to the Mint Museum’s permanent collection by the Delhom Service League in 2008.

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Kyle Carpenter @ Mint Museum Pottery Invitational

kylecarpenterliddedjar2009Kyle will be one of a select group of invited artists to show @ the NC Mint Museum’s Potters Market Invitational September 11, 10am – 4pm. North Carolinians are serious about their pottery! The Delhom Service League brings together 40 potters from across the state of North Carolina for the Mint Museum’s Annual Potters Market Invitational. Come early! Pots go quickly at this prestigious event.

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rearranging the furniture @ CURVE studios & garden

The Grand Shift is complete @ CURVE studios & garden. #6 is still home to the studios of Pattiy Torno, Meagan Chaney & sutherland Handweaving which includes Barb Butler & Karen Donde. #9 (both floors) is now Constance Williams Studios & Gallery. Constance Williams has her encaustic painting studio & lots of new gallery space on the ground floor. Constance is sharing the upstairs ceramic heaven with Greg Vineyard, Fran Welch, Cassie Ryalls & Jenny Mastin where each will have working studio & gallery space. #12 (downstairs) is now home to Maria Andrade Troya (moving over from #9) & Kyle Carpenter (of Clayspace Cooperative fame). Akira Satake (from his house) & Linda McFarling (from Phil Mechanic Studios) come over during the next month. See the transformation! We will celebrate our new artists @ our 2010 Spring Open House, April 23-25, 2010.

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CURVEilinear: selected works from CURVE studios & garden

Haywood County Arts Council’s Gallery 86 has invited CURVE studios’ Greg Vineyard to curate a show celebrating CURVE studios & garden & its artists called “CURVEilinear“. It’s all about what people see and feel when they walk through the doors of the three historic brick buildings at 6, 9 and 12 Riverside Drive in Asheville’s River Arts District. It’s the CURVE studios & garden working studio experience where vistors seven days a week encounter functional clay and decorative ceramics, textiles and weaving, jewelry, metal works, furniture and paintings, plus a beautifully landscaped garden… with a synergistic communication amongst the group nurtured by artist-owner Pattiy Torno’s desire to incubate a creative community. The show runs from January 11 to February 6, 2010. Gallery 86 can be found at 86 North Main Street in Waynesville, NC. or online @

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