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MSC Commission Photopiecing

Thanks to Marghe Means @ Deljou Art Group, Pattiy Torno has had the pleasure of making a 4′ x 8′ photopiecing for MSC Industrial Supply Co. for their new headquarters in Davidson, NC.  Photos used include bits of the new building, of Lake Davidson just north of their new building, photos of the trucks that will haul all those tools, widgets, bits, etc & some vintage car tail lights from Pattiy’s most recent trip to California….  The spirit from her last solo show was… go BIG or go home… so she went big! and the clients, architects & designers all loved the results you see above.

0 comments July 20, 2013 2:03 pm.

Photopiecings by Pattiy Torno

Pattiy Torno has a new body of work she calls “photopiecings”. In the spirit of her quilts but turned towards her photography, the new piecings are digital archival photographs, cut up and re-assembled, pva glued to a plywood box substrate (thanks diamondback surfaces) that has been colored with inks and then the whole shebang gets a lacquer finish.

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