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CURVE open 11am to 4pm Monday thru Saturday

CURVE reflection w parking sign

Beginning in 2016, CURVE studios & garden is closed on Sundays! We all need a day off, yes? In addition, we are always closed on New Years Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so we can spend time with our families!

In addition, we have new parking signs that tell our visitors that you are welcome to park in our lot as long as you are on the property here @ CURVE (and as long as CURVE studios are open!)… or if you check with a CURVE artist if it is okay to leave your car to go somewhere else… we always council our visitors to keep their cars on the same side of the railroad tracks as they are… as our trains will sometimes come park on the grade crossing, making it impossible to get back to your car without a half hour walk around! Please note that CURVE is private property… any use of it after hours will be considered a trespass and prosecuted accordingly… (so very sorry to have to say this but it is getting to be a thing!)

Our garden here @ CURVE is open to the public for gentle use dawn to dusk… gentle use means: come enjoy the sights and smells, do not pick any flowers or fruits or vegetables please… do pick up after yourselves, leaving the garden like you found it… do not walk on anything but grass or brick or rocks! even though you might really want to get a photo of that lovely flower that is just out of reach! No one but Pattiy our gardener can know what lurks right under the surface, hence something you might destroy if you decide to step in that garden bed! (again, so very sorry to have to say this as well but … )

Lastly, there are no public bathrooms here @ CURVE.  Riverlink, around the corner, has offered their bathrooms when they are open… in general, Monday thru Fridays, 9am to 5pm… and there will be a visitor’s center across the street by the end of 2016 (we hope) which will include public bathrooms! we are excited about this!

Thanks so much for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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CURVE 2015 Spring Twilight Party

Saturday April 11, 2015 will find the garden here @ CURVE studios & garden in full bloom so come stop by to see what is new in the studios as well as share in some local farm to table fare, craft brews, sangria, desserts and more…
#6 CURVE artists are Pattiy Torno at Curve & Mary McCall Timmer who welcome Cara May Knits… Upstairs @ #9 CURVE is now home to theSilver River Center for Chair Caning… Downstairs in #9 find Fly Coop Studios Angelique Tassistro , Cassie Butcher Ceramics & Monty Phillips jewelry… and in #12 see the contemporary ceramics of Maria Andrade Troya Pottery, Karen Newgard Black & Kyle Carpenter Pottery
Everyone is invited… no charge.. just bring your smiling face!

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Spring 2012 Open House Weekend & Twilight Party

CURVE studios & garden will host its Spring 2012 Open House Weekend & Twilight Party April 27, 28 & 29 @ 6•9•12 Riverside Drive, in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District. All 3 CURVE studio buildings will be showcasing new work by 12 CURVE artists, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11 am to 5pm.
Please welcome ceramicist, Angelique Tassistro to #9 CURVE @ Constance Williams Gallery. View a just completed quilt commission by Pattiy Torno @ #6 CURVE before it goes to its new home in Washington, DC. Peruse the ceramic wonders of Maria Andrade & friends in #12 CURVE. The garden will be putting on a show as well so do come down & “smell the roses”, peonies, lilacs, lily of the valley… you get the idea…
The CURVE Twilight Party happens on Friday April 27, 2012, from 5 to 8pm. Food including carnivorous & veggie selections will provided by the CURVE artists, White Duck Taco, & grill master Dan as well as sweets from Short Street Cakes, Beta Verde & CURVE artists/bakers Greg, Karen & Cassie…with wine selections from our friends @ 5 Walnut and kegs from The Wedge & New Belgium… CURVE artist, Akira Satake will perform on banjo & Shimasen @ 7pm. This event is free & everyone is welcome.

The mission here @ CURVE is “Bringing people to ART & ART to life in Asheville’s River Arts District”… so do show up!

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CURVE is open until Christmas EVERYDAY!

CURVE studios & garden’s three studio buildings will all be open everyday including Christmas Eve for your “Shop Small” pleasure. Our normal hours are 11am to 4pm but this time of year, you will often find the studios open @ 10am and until 5 or 6pm in the evening… we are all so busy… we need to be in the studios. Call Pattiy for #6 @ 828.388.3526, Tina for # 9 @ 828.225.1762 or Maria for #12 @ 828.280.9262

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Photos @ CURVE

mom-dad-to-be-in-curve-garden-4CURVE garden seems to be the new place to have your portrait taken… several sunday mornings have found families & families to be making photos in the garden. Here are few things to remember. Professsional photographers, using CURVE as a location, must get permission from Pattiy Torno, the gardener, resident & owner of CURVE. Find her @ 828.388.3526. Friendly photos are fine anytime between dawn & dusk. Please pack out what you pack in & resist the urge to abscond with the garden’s bounty, with our thanks.

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New York Times features CURVE

05heads-span-articlelargeMore Love from the New York Times! Ingrid Williams writes that the “River Arts District Blooms” here in Asheville with quotes from neighborhood notables, Constance Williams, Tom Montgomery & Chall Gray and a really nice photo of CURVE studios & garden.

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about CURVE

CURVE studios & garden is the brainchild of Pattiy Torno. When she purchased the three buildings on October 13, 1989, there was no River Arts District. “We thought, hey, there is nobody around so we can make as much noise as we want,” Pattiy Torno recollects of CURVE studios & garden’s first few years as a punk rock club called Squashpile. Since 1992, CURVE has slowly transformed into a haven of live/work creative space.

Twenty years later, CURVE studios & garden has become home to a lovely garden and an amazing assortment of every kind of visual art and craft imaginable. The diversity and depth of the work at CURVE speaks to its mission of creating a place where beauty, business and the public, intersect.  By helping to found Asheville’s River Arts District, CURVE studios & garden owner Pattiy Torno has helped create a new model for bringing people to art, art to life and a livelihood to the artist. CURVE studios & garden are open to the public 11am to 4pm daily, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter & the 4th of July.

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CURVE artists

The sunsets are beautiful in the Asheville RAD (River Arts District) rivaled only by the work visitors find inside the three CURVE studios & garden buildings. Mary McCall Timmer & her modern silver/goldsmith jewelry work, the fused glass pendants of Meagan Chaney and the extraordinary quilt work, fun fleece & eclectic clothing of Pattiy Torno can be found in #6 Riverside Drive.

@ #9 Riverside downstairs, find the Studio + Shop for the sculptural ceramic works by  Cassie Ryalls, the functional whimsy of Angelique Tassistro & the colorful, enamel jewelry of Monty Phillips.  Upper CURVE #9 Gallery brings together the Hat Folk, sculptural narative & painting work of Laura Balombini, landscape & abstract oil paintings by Jo Ridge Kelley, botanical hand built lamps by Pamella OConnor, hand woven & dyed wearables & wall pieces by Suzanne Gernandt, fine wood furniture by John Gernandt & one of kind up-cycled sweaters by Patte Vanden Berg.

#12 Riverside in CURVE studios & garden shelters the ceramic studios of Maria Andrade Troya with her colorful functional work, Karen Newgard’s sgraffito, porcelain decorative, beauties & the hand painted/salt fired vessels of Kyle Carpenter (ex-Clay Space Co-op).

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CURVE studios & garden: the snow movie

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Asheville RAD November 2009 Studio Stroll

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CURVE studios & garden • #6, #9 & #12 riverside drive • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT • asheville, NC 28801 • 828.388.3526