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Fall 2013 collection bits

Grey & black with all its variations for Fall 2013… love my new origami skirt & the new rayon poly sweater knit for the grey cascade jacket.  The cream red grey ikat pattern in the wrap dress is looking great.  Feel free to stop in @ CURVE anyway between 11am & 4pm!

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MSC Commission Photopiecing

Thanks to Marghe Means @ Deljou Art Group, Pattiy Torno has had the pleasure of making a 4′ x 8′ photopiecing for MSC Industrial Supply Co. for their new headquarters in Davidson, NC.  Photos used include bits of the new building, of Lake Davidson just north of their new building, photos of the trucks that will haul all those tools, widgets, bits, etc & some vintage car tail lights from Pattiy’s most recent trip to California….  The spirit from her last solo show was… go BIG or go home… so she went big! and the clients, architects & designers all loved the results you see above.

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Pattiy Torno


Contact Pattiy @ 828.388.3526

I began sewing in 1965. In my family, learning to sew was no surprise. In 1974, my last year in high school, I decided to become a fashion designer, as it was the only career I could think of, that would allow me to earn a living having something to do with what I love the most… sewing. I started quilting in 1983 right after I closed my first design company in NYC. I moved to Asheville in 1984 and opened Tornado Clothing Company. In 1989, I bought what is now Curve Studios. By 1995 I had closed Tornado and started quilting full time. After 10 years away, in 2002 i returned to Asheville to help found the River Arts District and realize my vision for CURVE studios & garden.

Now it is 2012. I live and work @ CURVE studios & garden… My time is divided between making my extraordinary quilts, eclectic clothing, photopiecings, fun fleece hats, scarves & blankets and keeping up the garden here @ CURVE… My studio is OPEN EVERYDAY from (at least) 11am to 4pm @ #6 Riverside Drive so please do stop by!

“Subtle” © 2011 Quilt by Pattiy Torno

Cap Tee $60 Origami Skirt $145 Cascade Jacket $145 Wrap Dress $95 © 2013 by Pattiy Torno

Fun Fleece Blankets $95 each © Pattiy Torno 2013

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Hot Chocolate 10K

ides-2012-hot-chocolate-10k-9This morning the parking lot @ CURVE was full of music to celebrate the running of the Isaac Dickson Elementary School PTO fundraising Hot Chocolate 10K…. over 1200 runners went the full 10 kilometers in the pouring rain… was still really fun and inspiring!

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Second Saturday @ CURVE

winter-starr-quilt-in-studio-finishedJanuary finds a new show @ Constance Williams Gallery entitled “Resolutions” & a public showing of a 10 month quilt project by Pattiy Torno… The quilt “Winter Starr” goes to Atlanta to its new home on January 17, 2012 so do not miss this chance to get a peek.

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Petal to the Metal @ CURVE

Alli Marshall of the Mountain Express did her spring fashion shoot “Petal to the Metal” in the garden here @ CURVE… here is a link to the spread and some of our photos of the photo shoot itself…

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couch throws

orange blue paisley couch throw 2011 SOLD!!
blue dream couch throw 2011
pink paisely couch throw 2011 SOLD!!
just put these up for a client who lives in Florida to see and she took two!!

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Photopiecings by Pattiy Torno

Pattiy Torno has a new body of work she calls “photopiecings”. In the spirit of her quilts but turned towards her photography, the new piecings are digital archival photographs, cut up and re-assembled, pva glued to a plywood box substrate (thanks diamondback surfaces) that has been colored with inks and then the whole shebang gets a lacquer finish.

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News from Pattiy Torno @ CURVE

Pattiy Torno @ CURVE has a new sign above the door, a few new fleece prices as of May 1, 2011 & a bunch of new clothes made and ready to try on. Alena Hennessy and her great tee shirts seem to compliment the ever popular Aline skirt… and with two quilt commissions to work on this summer, there should be a big something on the design wall before too long

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CURVE Open House Weekend & Twilight Party

2011-ohw-poster-2nd-goIt is that time of year again… CURVE studios & garden will host its Spring 2011 Open House Weekend & Twilight Party April 22, 23 & 24 @ 6•9•12 Riverside Drive, in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District. Everyone is welcome.
All studios will be open to visitors from 10am to 5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday with the Friday night Twilight Party starting @ 5 until 8pm on April 22, Earth Day 2011. The Twilight Party showcases the finely crafted food of neighbors, Roots Café, White Duck Taco Shop & Short Street Cakes, Spinning Spider Creamery & The Wedge Brewery. If we are lucky, Akira may play some banjo in the new patio/stage between #6 & #9 CURVE. The CURVE Open House also serves to welcome the newest artist to join in @ CURVE. This year we proudly welcome Karen Newgard, Alena Hennessy & Mary Farmer.
Karen Newgard is a great addition to #12 CURVE. As a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild in ceramics, her figurative work finds its subject matter in nature and the everyday. Karen employs sgrafitto reductive carving on porcelain, then salt firing to achieve the desired textures & clear color that define her work. She joins Maria Andrade Troya, Kyle Carpenter & Akira Satake in #12 CURVE. Kyle had his salt kiln rebuilt this winter and a snippet of new work graces our poster for the CURVE studios & garden Spring 2011 Open House Weekend & Twilight Party.
Alena Hennessy has come home to Asheville to creatively roost @ #6 CURVE. Over the years, Alena has built a smart & beautiful career by translating images from the natural world around her through paint onto canvas, paper, textiles & such. In addition, Alena will be teaching workshops & continuing to share the healing work she has developed. Alena joins Pattiy Torno in #6 CURVE. Pattiy will have several new quilts to show as well as a bunch of new skirts to compliment Alena’s tee shirts & tunics just in time for the Open House Weekend.
Mary Farmer can be found in #9 CURVE on the days she is teaching encaustic workshops @ Constance Williams Gallery & Studios. Mary is a California native who responds to and translate the play of light in her many layered, encaustic paintings. Her work is always available through the gallery @ #9 CURVE along with the work of Constance Williams & her cadre of artists who include Greg Vineyard, Jenny Mastin, Cassie Ryalls, Cynthia Wynn, Kelly Prestwood, Mystery Masiello, Patty Bilbro & Phil DeAngelo.
Please help us do our mission here @ CURVE: “Bringing people to ART & ART to life in Asheville’s River Arts District”… and show up!

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