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CURVE hosts American Ecological Engineering Society

On Tuesday, May 24, 2011, the American Ecological Engineering Society came calling to CURVE studios & garden. Thanks to Mitch Woodward & Jason Zink of NC State Ag & Bio, CURVE has a newly installed “WaterWall” cistern system. Mitch Woodward brought all the gear up on his trailer & he and Pattiy spent the past 4 days making ready. Mitch then did his pitch about how the system works here and can work for these folks when they go back home… Very informative.

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CURVE’s hidden garden featured in WSJ

curve-studios-and-garden-7-wsj-72Thanks to friend and writer, Nan Chase, CURVE’s garden shows up in an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled Four Fantastic Road Trips. We especially love that there is this nice photo of Cassie Ryalls’ sculpture in the garden in photo #12 of their slideshow!

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CURVE Open House Weekend & Twilight Party

2011-ohw-poster-2nd-goIt is that time of year again… CURVE studios & garden will host its Spring 2011 Open House Weekend & Twilight Party April 22, 23 & 24 @ 6•9•12 Riverside Drive, in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District. Everyone is welcome.
All studios will be open to visitors from 10am to 5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday with the Friday night Twilight Party starting @ 5 until 8pm on April 22, Earth Day 2011. The Twilight Party showcases the finely crafted food of neighbors, Roots Café, White Duck Taco Shop & Short Street Cakes, Spinning Spider Creamery & The Wedge Brewery. If we are lucky, Akira may play some banjo in the new patio/stage between #6 & #9 CURVE. The CURVE Open House also serves to welcome the newest artist to join in @ CURVE. This year we proudly welcome Karen Newgard, Alena Hennessy & Mary Farmer.
Karen Newgard is a great addition to #12 CURVE. As a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild in ceramics, her figurative work finds its subject matter in nature and the everyday. Karen employs sgrafitto reductive carving on porcelain, then salt firing to achieve the desired textures & clear color that define her work. She joins Maria Andrade Troya, Kyle Carpenter & Akira Satake in #12 CURVE. Kyle had his salt kiln rebuilt this winter and a snippet of new work graces our poster for the CURVE studios & garden Spring 2011 Open House Weekend & Twilight Party.
Alena Hennessy has come home to Asheville to creatively roost @ #6 CURVE. Over the years, Alena has built a smart & beautiful career by translating images from the natural world around her through paint onto canvas, paper, textiles & such. In addition, Alena will be teaching workshops & continuing to share the healing work she has developed. Alena joins Pattiy Torno in #6 CURVE. Pattiy will have several new quilts to show as well as a bunch of new skirts to compliment Alena’s tee shirts & tunics just in time for the Open House Weekend.
Mary Farmer can be found in #9 CURVE on the days she is teaching encaustic workshops @ Constance Williams Gallery & Studios. Mary is a California native who responds to and translate the play of light in her many layered, encaustic paintings. Her work is always available through the gallery @ #9 CURVE along with the work of Constance Williams & her cadre of artists who include Greg Vineyard, Jenny Mastin, Cassie Ryalls, Cynthia Wynn, Kelly Prestwood, Mystery Masiello, Patty Bilbro & Phil DeAngelo.
Please help us do our mission here @ CURVE: “Bringing people to ART & ART to life in Asheville’s River Arts District”… and show up!

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more photos from the CURVE garden Spring 2010

Crab Apple “Thunder Child” 2010 from Reems Creek Nursery a few years back
Carolina Silverbells & Lilacs behind #12 CURVE studios & garden
Bird #1 © Mimi Strang watching over the CURVE garden & visitors
Viburnum “Burkwoodii” & Scotch Broom “Moon Beam” next to #12 CURVE studios & garden

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CURVE studios & garden Spring 2010 so far


Larry’s step dad’s camellia behind #12 CURVE studios & garden 2010


star magnolia from Carolina Tree Form 2010 © pattiy torno


Cassie Ryalls cutting Jenny Mastin’s hair @ CURVE studios & garden


helleborus ivory prince @ CURVE studios & garden 2010 © pattiy torno


triple dark helleborus from Wells Medina Nursery in Medina, WA © pattiy torno

witch hazel from Carolina Tree Form here in Asheville, NC © pattiy torno

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the snow storm of 2009

“I’m not sure why, but this shot is particularly captivating. It puts me in mind of an exotic aquatic creature that has escaped captivity but is still the object of our observation.” – WECAN neighbor Morgan Daven

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CURVE studios & garden: the snow movie

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summer 2009 @ CURVE studios & garden


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evening light in CURVE studios & garden


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our garden


The garden of CURVE studios & garden is a symphony of beauty. Pattiy Torno, the owner of CURVE Studios, gardens for fragrance and color. The winter flowering honeysuckle starts to send sweet wafts of a lemon scent past the front door of #6 Riverside Drive in early February.

The March flowers, as daffodils are called around these parts, start the cavalcade of spring blooms that parade thru, including forsythia, flowering quince, witch hazel, butterfly and saucer magnolias, apricot, plum & apple trees, carolina silverbells, hellebores, blood root, aconite, camellias, azaleas… the list goes on. Pattiy particularly loves her jonquils, cammasias, lilacs, peonies, tea olives & tuberosa.

The news for 2009 is a modest attempt at a real kitchen garden. Beginning in April, seeds have been cast for lettuces, beets, turnips, radishes, onions, peas & greens. May will see tomatoes in the ground along with summer and hard squashes, okra, beans, corn, sweet and hot peppers & basil.

There are benches in the garden for all to use. If it is too crowded over at 12 Bones, one of the neighborhood tricks is to call your order in, walk right past the line to the second cash register for take out food only, and then bring your food over to the garden.

The garden is cat friendly, so please keep any dog on a leash.
The garden is open to the public from dawn to dusk.
Please leave the garden as tidy as you found it.
Please refrain from picking flowers.

The steel fence work in the garden was designed by Pattiy Torno and constructed by Stephan Bonitz of Steebo Designs right up the street at 355 Haywood Road. While many may remember the garden of Christopher Mello that at one time graced CURVE studios & garden, know that his garden was transplanted, dirt and all in 2003 to 307 Waynesville Avenue in West Asheville.

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