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Kyle Carpenter @ AKAR

Find Kyle Carpenter @ AKAR… The platter above is but one of a few of the new pieces they will feature…

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Mary McCall Timmer


Contact Mary @ 828.552.9266

Contemporary classic designs have been at the heart of Mary Timmer’s jewelry

since she began metal smithing in 1996. After a three year apprenticeship to a well recognized jewelry gallery in her home town of Chapel Hill NC, she forged ahead building her technical knowledge and proficiency through additional education and production work for other distinguished jewelers in the Asheville NC area. Mary established Timmer Designs in 2002. Her growing artistry of design and gifted craftsmanship has earned her several awards Award for increased sales and good customer service from Grovewood Gallery of Asheville NC, a Niche Top 10 Gallery.


With a focus on Jewelry as Art, Mary’s work combines artistic designs with technical skill. Using sterling with gold accents for the basis of most production pieces, she adds the beautiful luster of pearls and the shimmer of precious stones to achieve a look of simple elegance. Classic designs that stay in style. Graceful lines and fluid shapes.


“Every time I create a piece of jewelry, I am looking to uncover the softness in

metal. The entire process of jewelry making excites me – from my first inspiration, to concept and design, to the moment I hold the finished work in my hand. My style is expressed by using a unique combination of forging and hand fabricating. I love creating things that people want to touch, that move or seem to have a natural warmth of their own. With a variety of unusual pearls, precious stones, and fine gold and silver, I am able to accomplish my goal – elegant, finely crafted original jewelry of the highest quality. Items that are unique, yet extremely wearable. My ultimate compliment is when a customer returns and wants another piece or something special for a friend or loved one. My hope is for the buyer to find a personal connection to my work, and to feel as great about wearing the jewelry as I feel about making it.”


Mary received a B.F.A. in Art Education from the University of North Carolina at

Greensboro, and continued her technical education in jewelry with classes at Penland School of Crafts and a specialists’ degree in Professional Crafts Jewelry from Haywood Community College near Asheville, NC. She is a member of The Southern Highland Craft Guild, The Piedmont Craftsmen Guild as well as The Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild. Her work is sold in galleries both local and national. She participates in juried art shows around the US and teaches classes at John C Campbell Folk School. Presently, her studio is located at Curve Studios in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. She delights in the personal opportunity to see her jewelry appreciated and enjoyed by her customers.

Dangle Earrings © 2013 by Mary McCall Timmer

Silver & Gold Bracelet © 2013 by Mary McCall Timmer

Square Stone Earrings © 2013 by Mary McCall Timmer


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Cassie Butcher


Contact Cassie @ 828.713.5010

Cassie Ryalls Butcher is currently a studio artist at Curve Studios in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. She graduated from Berea College in Kentucky where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art and Psychology.

Cassie’s first experiences with clay was during a summer hand-building course she took at the university near her home town in West Virginia. When she returned that fall to Berea, she took a wheel throwing class and became completely mesmerized by clay. As part of Berea’s work study program, she worked in the Ceramic Apprenticeship Program making functional pottery. Although captivated by the wheel throwing process, what most interested her about pots was the suggestion of the human form.

Upon graduating from college, Cassie attended Penland School of Craft in North Carolina to study glaze chemistry. While at Penland, she discovered Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts and became a resident there for the next two years. After the residency, Cassie attended the University of Florida for post-baccalaureate studies in Ceramics. Now she has set up her studio in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.


The Map © 2008 Cassie Ryalls
RAD © 2008 Cassie Ryalls
I Grow & I Grow © 2008 Cassie Ryalls

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Maria Andrade Troya


Contact Maria @ 828.280.2962

Maria Andrade Troya is a studio potter in Curve Studios. Maria received her BFA in Printmaking from UNC-Asheville and immediately began work as a Studio Assistant at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts in 2001. Through this opportunity, Maria became involved with the ever evolving community in the River Arts District.

Maria works mostly on the wheel with white stoneware clay and fires to Cone 6. Her pieces are functional and decorated thorough the application of slips and stamps. Using her printmaking background, Maria incorporates linocut techniques into the surface treatment of her pottery.

Three Pitchers © 2009 Maria Andrade Troya
Three Square Vases in Green & Cream © 2009 Maria Andrade Troya
Black & White Vases © 2009 Maria Andrade Troya

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CURVE 2013 Spring Open House

CURVE studios & garden will host its 6th Annual Spring Open House & Twilight Party on 2nd Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10am to 8pm @ 6•9•12 Riverside Drive, in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District.

All day Saturday, April 13th, starting @ 10am, our 3 buildings will be filled with artists working, demonstrating their processes.

In #6 CURVE, you will find fine silver jeweler, Mary McCall Timmer & color/pattern/textile artist, Pattiy Torno.  Downstairs in #9 CURVE, welcome enamel jeweler, Monty Phillips & Celia Barbieri, The Button Florist, as they join long time CURVE ceramic artists, Angelique Tassistro & Cassie Ryalls.

Upstairs in #9 is now home to 6 new artists.  Visual storyteller & HaTfolk artist, Laura Balombini, has brought together Hanji Home Lamps by Pamella O’Connor, large scale oil paintings by Jo Ridge Kelley, hand weavings & wearables by Suzanne Gernandt, fine woodworking by John Gernandt & upcycled PatteCoats by Patte Vanden Berg into a diverse yet cohesive workshop.

Downstairs in #12 you will find new Contemporary Ceramic work by Akira Satake, Kyle Carpenter, Karen Newgard & Maria Andrade Troya.  The CURVE garden, will be in full bloom, so do come and “smell the roses”, magnolias, lilacs, lily of the valley… you get the idea.

The CURVE Twilight Party starts @ 5pm.  Edibles will include carnivorous & veggie selections, prepared by Mark Rosenstein & his GO Kitchen staff, on his custom wood fired “inferniollio”, as well as goodies from 12 Bones Smokehouse & Rosetta’s Kitchen.  Baked goods will come from Short Street Cakes & Yuzu Patisserie.  Drinks will include sangria, wine & local beers… with music by DJ Marley Carroll between 5 & 8pm, with a performance @ 7pm by CURVE artist, Akira Satake, on banjo & shamisen.

 The mission here @ CURVE is “Bringing people to ART & ART to life in Asheville’s River Arts District”.  This Twilight Party, 10% of sales @ CURVE will go to support the GO Kitchen job-training program, so bring your credit cards to buy ART in support of Green Opportunities & the artists here @ CURVE!  This event is free & everyone is welcome.

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Monty Phillips

contact Monty @ 828.337.0827

My current work is an exercise in fancy exploring the possibilities of vitreous enamel on sterling silver and copper in regard to form, texture, color and its ability to mimic and play on other materials such as stone, fabric and organic plant life.

Most of my forms are made by micro shell forming and anticlastic raising exploiting the plastic quality of the metals.  Using these techniques I can make very unusual forms which are organic in appearance from flat metal sheet.  This is very useful in duplicating nature.

Bracelet © 2013 by Monty Phillips

Dogwood Bracelet © 2012 by Monty Phillips

Enamel Earrings © 2013 by Monty Phillips

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Incoming @ CURVE

The big middle building, #9 CURVE will transform at the end of January/beginning of February 2013. Constance Williams is ending her 5 year stint here @ CURVE and moving over to the Roberts Street side of the Wedge Studios.
In her stead, a whole crew of new folks are flooding in.  Angelique Tassistro & Cassie Ryalls are moving downstairs and will be bringing over Celia Barbieri, The Button Florist of Phil Mechanic Studios fame & Monty Phillips with his bright glass enamel jewelry.
Upper CURVE #9 will become home to Laura Balombini, a visual storyteller & Hat Folk milliner & her crew that includes John & Suzanne Gernandt, he doing furniture, she doing textiles along with Pamella O’Connor‘s luminous botanically based lamp forms & the large scale oil paintings of Jo Ridge Kelley.

In addition, over in #6 CURVE, Pattiy Torno & Alena Hennessy welcome the fine silversmithing skills of Mary McCall Timmer.  Mary is expected to bring her bench, grinders, torches & other fun tools in early January 2013 to CURVE.

Lastly, CURVE will say a sad fare thee well to ceramic artist, Jenny Mastin.  Jenny has been given a great opportunity to export the River Arts District to her hometown of Morganton, NC @ 100 B West Union in the spring 2013.  Please visit her there!

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Grand Opening #9 CURVE

Full of fresh color palettes and new energy, the works of Angelique Tassistro, Cassie Butcher and Monty Phillips show well together, from functional to sculpture ceramics as well as clay & felt florals to jewelry, in the ground floor of # 9 CURVE. Grand Opening Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 11am to 4pm.

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Angelique Tassistro

Contact Angelique @ 828.230.5402

Angelique Tassistro makes work into play. Her belief in the magic of creativity, along with her childhood mispronunciation, turned imagination into “magic nation.” Angelique is a ceramic artist who focuses on functional, whimsical pottery with a sculptural approach, always going to that “magic nation” for inspiration.

Angelique grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. She received two BAs from Louisiana State University in 2000 in Ceramics and Photography. Her work is shown in the permanent collection at New Orleans Museum of Modern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2010 Angelique was selected to be one of The WNC Top 10 Emerging artist. 2010 also brought a feature article in The Laurel of Asheville Magazine. In May, 2011, Angelique was chosen in Ceramics Monthly’s national competition as one of fifteen emerging artists. Angelique is the founder Fly Coop Studios, re-launched in 2010, introducing a new line of functional ceramic pottery and decorative ceramic flowers. Her studio is open to the public and is located in the Asheville’s River Arts District at Constance Williams Gallery.

Lotus © 2011 Anglique Tassistro
The Grand Stack © 2010 Angelique Tassistro
Butter Dish © 2011 Angelique Tassistro

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Pattiy Torno


Contact Pattiy @ 828.388.3526

I began sewing in 1965. In my family, learning to sew was no surprise. In 1974, my last year in high school, I decided to become a fashion designer, as it was the only career I could think of, that would allow me to earn a living having something to do with what I love the most… sewing. I started quilting in 1983 right after I closed my first design company in NYC. I moved to Asheville in 1984 and opened Tornado Clothing Company. In 1989, I bought what is now Curve Studios. By 1995 I had closed Tornado and started quilting full time. After 10 years away, in 2002 i returned to Asheville to help found the River Arts District and realize my vision for CURVE studios & garden.

Now it is 2012. I live and work @ CURVE studios & garden… My time is divided between making my extraordinary quilts, eclectic clothing, photopiecings, fun fleece hats, scarves & blankets and keeping up the garden here @ CURVE… My studio is OPEN EVERYDAY from (at least) 11am to 4pm @ #6 Riverside Drive so please do stop by!

“Subtle” © 2011 Quilt by Pattiy Torno

Cap Tee $60 Origami Skirt $145 Cascade Jacket $145 Wrap Dress $95 © 2013 by Pattiy Torno

Fun Fleece Blankets $95 each © Pattiy Torno 2013

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CURVE studios & garden • #6, #9 & #12 riverside drive • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT • asheville, NC 28801 • 828.388.3526